Maritime Marine Life

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For people who love being on, in, or near the ocean this colour photo guide to the biology and identification of North Atlantic marine life is a must. The Maritime ocean world is teeming with marine life, and this book will take you on a tour of over 200 species of colourful and intriguing animals and plants that live there. A four-season ocean environment, from semi-tropical in high summer as the Gulf Stream moves into Arctic conditions in winter, this rich marine environment hosts a fascinating array of marine creatures. From tiny sea horses and sea turtles in summer to the longest-lived marine animals on the planet, like the Greenland shark and black quahog clam, whether you are a fisher, boater, diver, or just out for a day at the beach, this book will entertain and educate you. Includes many rare species, including the first-ever diver-shot images taken in the wild of the Great White Shark in Canada.