CanPrev MuscleRescue – Pineapple Punch

$59.99 CAD
by CanPrev

CanPrev MuscleRescue  – Pineapple Punch is an optimized formula powered by Reginator®, a proprietary blend featuring the most efficient ratio of essential amino acids (EAAs) needed for protein synthesis and muscle regeneration. This scientifically proven blend includes all nine essential amino acids plus arginine, designed to enhance muscle health by improving protein synthesis, repairing muscle tissue, and supporting metabolism. Studies show that one scoop of MuscleRescue is more effective in increasing protein synthesis compared to whey protein, making it ideal for enhancing post-workout regimens, long-distance adventures, or preserving muscle strength during sedentary periods. MuscleRescue is the ultimate muscle-building formula.

L-Arginine 294.54mg
L-Histidine 49.09mg
L-Isoleucine 317.45mg
L-Leucine 1191.20mg
L-Lysine 497.45mg
L-Methionine 98.18mg
L-Phenylalanine 199.64mg
L-Threonine 278.18mg
L-Tryptophan 1.96mg
L-Valine 327.27mg
Recommended Use
MuscleRescue helps promote muscle growth and function at a low dose of amino acids. It is a source of amino acids including branched chain amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis and essential amino acids involved in the maintenance of good health. MuscleRescue can help increase muscle protein anabolism.
Adults: Mix 1 scoop in 1-2 cups of water daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Consume on an empty stomach for maximum effect.
Cautions & Warnings
As with any natural health product, you should consult a healthcare professional prior to use, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during, and after exercise. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if seal is broken