OPROtec Adjustable Wrist Support

$30.00 CAD
by OPROtec
The OPROtec Adjustable Wrist Support is designed to help combat weak or strained muscles in the wrist and manage the pain caused by joint or tendon overuse in the wrist or thumb.
Designed as an adjustable one-size-fits-all sleeve for either the left or right hand, the support provides the perfect balance of flexibility and stability, customizable to your needs.
The comfortable lightweight design allows a full range of motion whilst offering stability and support, ideal for weight lifting and a range of gym workouts and sports.
The neoprene in the support offers warming thermal compression to improve blood flow and promote recovery and relieve strains caused by repetitive wrist movements during occupational or sporting activities.
OPROtec is the sports protection brand here to guide you through the training and recovery process. Protect, relieve, recover - we’ll be with you every step of the way.