Combat Dagger Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle

$179.95 CAD
by Combat

Straight outta the great white North and brought to you by Canada's hottest pickleball brand, we proudly introduce the 'Handcrafted in Canada' Dagger. This bad boy is armed with a super gritty RAW Toray T700 Carbon Fiber surface that'll make your opponents green with envy. And guess what? It rocks the same shape and weight that made our Arrow a best-seller, guaranteeing you more control and spin than you can shake a pickleball paddle at!

But there's more magic under the hood – our Dagger boasts an edge-to-edge sweet spot, thanks to its polypropylene honeycomb core with complete cells. With a slimmer core, this paddle packs a punch without skimping on that silky touch and precision control you crave.

Now, here's the pièce de résistance – our Dagger is armed with the industry's unique Grip Guard Technology. That means a reinforced handle for a distinctive head weight, perfect for those lightning-quick attacks, epic blocks, and dreamy dinking sessions. The Dagger: where Canadian craftsmanship meets pickleball wizardry! 🍁🏓✨